Lightning fast lyricism accompanied by melodic wordplay with a dash of grunge inspired

vocals puts Bingx in a whole new category, he would say" I'm not a rapper. I'm not a

singer. I’m a musician. We are who we choose to be, and my vision of myself is always



Inspired by some of the most renowned artists in the industry, Bingx has developed a

unique set of vocal skills and precision in his music. Some of these inspirations are

Eminem, The Game, 50 Cent, Third Eye Blind, Sublime, Justin Timberlake, Bone Thugs

n Harmony, Tech N9ne, Drake and many more. Bingx’s ability to command a singing

voice with no small range, combined with his lightening fast lyricism at a moments

notice has allowed him to stand out amongst his peers.


Born and raised in Seattle, Washington in 1990, Bingx dropped out of high school in is

junior year and joined the military. “I joined the military to get my G.E.D. as well as get

away from the toxic environment my youth had led me to, but it ended up being the

smartest decision in my life,” Bingx explained. “I would encourage those who struggle

with high school to stay grounded and push through it, life takes flight in all sorts of

unpredicted directions once you lose structure.”


Bingx is energy incarnate. His musical works tend to be passionate, fast pace and full of

energy.  Currently in the studio working on his next record, Bingx has released three

highly acclaimed projects: * 2012 – Bingx's 1st Album entitled " In The L.A.B. ( Life's A

Battlefield )”  * 2013 – Bingx's 2nd Album, " Lift Me Up" Featured Vanessa Thompson.

Between his singing and rapping, Bingx reaches a demographic untapped by most of his



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